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  • Material: Made from 100% Pure Imported Spanish Leather from the renowned company ‘Vidal Bosch S.L.’. All GIL leather belts pass rigorous quality inspections ensuring only perfect belts reach the market. The leather is breathable as the top finish layer is below 15 microns.
  • Make: This belt is made using Italian machines to provide a superior finish to the belt. The buckle used in this belt meets European Standards and is Nickel Free. Unscrew the buckle to wear the belt from another side. 
  • Sizing: For a perfect fit please buy a belt of the same waist size as your trousers. This Exclusive leather belt has 7 holes for better fitting. This belt is perfect to wear with Pants, Suits, Trousers, and Chinos. The width of the belt is 34mm. Buy it for Mens, Gents, Boys. Sizes 32 to 42 available.
  • Gifting: This leather belt is perfect for gifting on all occasions and comes with a quality gift box. You can gift this belt to family and friends. GIL Leather Belt will add spark to your overall outfit.
  • Disclaimer: We pack our boxes with Brand Logo Adhesive Tape, do not accept orders if the tape is changed or tampered with. Leather is a natural material and all leather hides are not the same hence slight color variation and grain variation are not to be treated as a defect. Use a dry cloth to clean the belt.

Leather Belt with coffee-brown finish stylish buckle. The width of the belt is 34 mm. Made from imported 100% Genuine Spanish Leather.

Men’s Classic Leather Belt, Dual-tone Black, Botega



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